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Public Class Name List Inherits Observable Collection(Of Person Name) ' Methods Public Sub New() My Base. In particular, if you are using One Way or Two Way (for example, you want your UI to update when the source properties change dynamically), you must implement a suitable property changed notification mechanism such as the INotify Property Changed interface. For example, you can instantiate the collection in XAML and specify the collection as a resource, as shown here: The objects in your collection must satisfy the requirements described in the Binding Sources Overview.

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Once I removed the property changed event from my view model, everything worked just fine.Only when using the Toogle function to switch between Grid and List Layout the List Box is Updated and all Items are shown correctly. Item Source to a complete new instance of OK, I found the source of the problem.When the datalist is refreshed it is filled up with the same objects as before.Based on what I have read, I have this set up right.The combo gets the collection and I can change the values via the UI. Also, just an FYI, I have 4 collections which were populated by enumerations and I can set the Selected Item property just fine and it updates the UI.

Wpf listbox observablecollection not updating