What to ask a woman while dating

You may be afraid of rejection, failure, saying the wrong things and coming across like a loser in front of your date.

In this context you would really love to know what are some good questions to ask your partner on your first date.

More than that, you need to know what makes a question good, so you can come up with your own questions spontaneously, effectively, in the moment.

Questions that give you meaningful information, show genuine interest, and allow you to be authentic and open.

If you think a guy will be turned off by you making the first move, think again.

"Guys often tell me they love it when women take initiative in dating and relationships," said Lori Salkin, Saw Youat Senior Matchmaker and Dating Coach.

Questions that avoid the conversational boxes that turn a fun opportunity into a dull exchange.

She explains that while girls are wired to be reserved by nature, many guys love it when we change things up and pursue them.

"Everyone likes to be pursued, even guys," Licensed professional counselor, Michael Hilgers, M. "From a guy's perspective, it can get exhausting always being expected to make the first move — for all the same reasons you ladies have.

Some women may be inquisitive by nature and may adopt a confrontational style on the first date itself.

Men are advised to adopt humor to deflect such questions and women are asked to steer clear of such questions if they don’t want to see their first dates bolting at the slightest chance.