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The tart-talking, Tupperware-slingin’, trailer-park mama sure knows how to dish out a compliment. ” Dixie says during a brief and wildly inappropriate phone conversation about the children she abandoned, quality food storage solutions and the outrageous nightly Tupperware parties she will be hosting for the next month at the Galleria Theatre. Just think about it: A room full of ladies, and a handsome man like yourself, talking about kitchen items.

Yes, “Dixie’s Tupperware Party” is a scripted play — it even played New York City in 2007 — but it’s also an honest-to-goodness Tupperware party hosted by a Hazard County incarnation of Australia’s Dame Edna. Then ya’ll might go behind the dumpster and do some stuff. Denver Post: But you have no idea what I look like. Su Teatro at the Denver Civic Theatre, 721 Santa Fe Drive, 303-296-0219 or “Eleemosynary” This elegant and melancholy character study of three generations of women marks the final production for E-Project founder Ken Crow.

Once upon a time, I had a terrible Tupperware addiction.

Tupperware simply appealed to the Martha Stewart in me, the part of me which dreamt of cupboards filled with colour-coordinated containers, neatly stacked and labelled so that everything had its own special home.

In 1949, Tupperware introduced the 'Wonderlier Bowl' that gave a start to a revolutionary range of kitchen utensils.

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She is now happily married with a beautiful child, and I think Brad is still cruising around the streets of Brisbane somewhere!Denver Post: So is this what the old guy meant in “The Graduate” when he told Benjamin the future is in plastics? He didn’t come out and say, “Hey, the future is in great food-storage solutions for your home and office,” but he could have. Denver Post: So why do you think Tupperware has lasted for 65 years? Denver Post: See, I thought it’s lasted 65 years because it’s not biodegradable. The place closes at midnight, which is weird because she’s always getting home about 5 a.m., and her hair’s all screwed up. The performance runs 90 minutes with no intermission. 303-893-4100 or For two nights only, the Buntport Theater ensemble will restage the first show it ever created. Stage Theatre, Denver Performing Arts Complex, 14th and Curtis streets, 303-893-4100 or “A Christmas Carol” The Colorado Shakespeare Festival presents this non-musical look at the miser Ebenezer Scrooge, who must learn to escape a future that is haunted by his past. It features three wise vatos, and a father and son in conflict over family traditions. Dixie: You can recycle it, but why would you want to? Denver Post: But haven’t Tupperware parties kind of gone out of style? A man, Earl Tupper, invented Tupperware, but it took the finesse of a woman, Brownie Wise, to come up with the Tupperware party. Denver Post: You don’t have to apologize for using a five-syllable word. She says, “I’m climbin’ on the corporate ladder.” Anyway, she really takes care of the kids. 303-893-4100 or It may not be easy being green, but The Blue Man Group has turned been turning blue into green since 1987. It’s a transformative action piece using Miguel de Cervantes’ classic novel “Don Quixote” to satirize modern academic life. (I'll be talking about topics that men and women can't agree on today on radio 6PR at 3.15pm, so call up if you want to join in) The day I want to spend on a plastic salad bowl is the day where I should just chain myself to the kitchen and never come out.And if I was to decide to spend such money on an item like that, why not simply go to a shop and buy it, or buy online, and by-pass the need for torturous discussion?