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The thing that I absolutely love about it is that I know it can actually cut some serious stuff in half with it.

I have always wanted a true cutting katana but didn't want to drop 3-12k on a showpiece I would never actually cut something with.

Beer drinkers in Missoula, Montana stop at the Bayern Brewery for a mug of Bayern Pilsener or Bayern Amber, brewed by the resident Master Brewer.

People come to this event from all nearby and surrounding areas and not just by people within the immediate city of Manchester. Steel, aluminum, Kydex, even the grommets on our sheaths, are American-made. We make everything in our shop in Missoula, Montana with all US-sourced materials.Situated in the heart of Manchester it's the perfect night spot for more discerning party people.Situated in the popular Deansgate Locks area, this three-storey independent venue provides a uniquely stylish alternative to the identikit bars on the rest of the strip.