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After clearing her throat, she asked what possible moral there could be to this story.Overview: In this lesson, you will be introduced to “Lucy”, one of the most famous fossils ever found.Lucy replied, "Don't count your chickens before they hatch." Next up was little Johnny."My uncle Ted fought in the Vietnam war, and his plane was shot down over enemy territory.The most common way to characterize a society at a given time is to divide it into social classes and evaluate the differences between each group.

In this period, marriage was possibly one of the most significant points in a woman’s life.Her Cuban-born dad added a memorable touch one particular Christmas Eve.Young Lucie awoke to the sound of clattering on the roof, followed by a man in a red suit bringing gifts into her room.We were a key player in the much heralded literacy reforms in District 2 and in NYC’s involvement with New Standards.And when Chancellor Klein announced a common curriculum for NYC schools, he did so at PS 172, a TCRWP stronghold, with Lucy at his side, saying, “The curriculum in this school is the curriculum for this City.” The decision to mandate reading and writing workshops for all NYC classrooms was made without input from the TCRWP—in fact, it caught us by surprise.