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The Norwegian Academy of Music, the University of Oslo Department of Musicology, " The annual Kyma International Sound Symposium includes papers, workshops, demos, and live performances presented by Kyma practitioners along with master classes presented by the creators of Kyma, all tied together by a unifying theme.

You are invited to learn, to share, to meet, and to enjoy! Thursday 12 October 2017 KISS, the annual Kyma International Sound Symposium, is talks, workshops, demos, and live performances presented by Kyma practitioners, all connected by a unifying theme.

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Throughout human history, sound and music have played an intrinsic role in magic, ritual, ceremony, and celebration, transforming the mundane into the sublime, marking everyday events as memorable milestones, and enhancing the flow of experience.

Acoustic archeologists speculate that certain acoustic properties of ancient monuments were intentionally designed to transform the human voice into something supernatural and that, throughout history, centers of power have been constructed as polished stone surfaces enclosing vast spaces in order to augment the sounds created within them — creating mysterious, impressive, and transformative experiences.