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Online research on the subject later in the day suggested that the reason the grandma scam works is that grandparents are desperate to hear from their deadbeat grandkids, regardless of the excuse. But my other burning question about "Timmy" was: how did he get my number? Is there a list of grandmas you can buy on the internet at

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" (Pause) "You really are the best grandma ever." Oops! "You know, Timmy," I say, "You've never been my favorite grandson.

She is very dedicated to receiving kisses from them, even to the point of forcing Gumball into one with a kiss on the lips. She also does not seem to respect her grandchildren whatsoever, calling Darwin "fish kid" and/or "walking fish," and Gumball "the blue one," but she might have respect for Anais, as she calls her by her real name (albeit mispronouncing it).

Despite this, she tasked Anais to carry her heavy bags upstairs for her, which, apparently, took an entire day to accomplish ironically when she was ready to leave.

She is shorter, has extra facial features, a smaller, rounder head, wider hips, ears that now resemble Anais's, shorter light grey whiskers, grey eyebrows, and an overall grouchier appearance, implying she has aged further.

In "The Choices" and "The Cycle", when she is shown at a younger age, she has slightly less wrinkles and black eyebrows, and she wears a yellow collared dress with a light brown vest.