Dating an electrovoice 664

Precisely tuned to deliver a lively and balanced sound, the high-performance ND46 is designed for capturing a wide variety of instrument sounds.

capable of picking up sound in situations where a microphone cannot be placed close to the sound source and where unwanted sounds are to be discriminated against.” Although the Academy Award went to the 642, the microphone drawn and described in the original patent application was in fact its close cousin the EV644.When it comes to all things audio, Electro-Voice has consistently been an innovator - from their earliest radio receivers and custom-built PA systems to the development of their microphones, amplifiers, and loudspeakers.Today, almost ninety years later, passion for incredible audio remains the driving force behind Electro-Voice.Simply put, EV loudspeakers are the preferred choice of countless musicians, proprietors, and engineers throughout the world.Read more When it comes to providing thunderous low end in a powerful, compact enclosure, it doesn’t get more formidable than the Electro Voice ETX-18SP.