Dating a reclusive person 666 cam

This page is set up as both an awareness forum where people can come together and share their experiences from having been exposed to a sociopath in a safe environment and receive constructive, passionate feedback letting them know that having been conned was not their fault.This page is about validation of your inner self; engage, educate, empower!This can leave someone confused, hurt, angry and depressed.If this situation sounds similar to something you have experienced, you may be or may have dated someone with narcissistic tendencies. They are madly in love with you right off the bat and the relationship moves very quickly: People with narcissistic tendencies use fantasy like projections when picking a mate.The relationship moves very quickly and it feels like you have met “the one.” Months down the road when things have settled in comfortably, things start to change.The person who used to adore and worship you now fluctuates between needing you desperately and devaluing you.Quickly checking Facebook and then getting IMed by someone when really you don't feel like talking (I never go on Facebook Chat anymore because of that).Putting in the effort to invite friends for outings and having to put in the effort to plan outings when I really just want to stay at home.

Like loners they do tend to make friends, and associates, and can pretty much network with anyone, but they choose not to go any further than a hollow friendship.

: You meet someone and it feels like the stars align.

This person is so into you and lavishes you with attention, romance and gifts.

Though they do run in to the best plutonic relationships.

Hermits, and loners are not socially inept, but hermits tend to not like to stay in the same place for very long.