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Often, the idea of interracial dating as a whole shallowly falls under the label of fetishization or rebellion, whether misconstrued or not, as interracial couples are often judged by "There is not a single interracial couple I know who has been together for an extended period of time who has not experienced some awkwardness or indignity that same-race couples do not," Keli Goff wrote for the But for many real life interracial couples, race is merely one more aspect of their normal relationship.

"It may sound weird but sometimes I forget that we're in an interracial relationship," Alissa Henry wrote for .

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Even when their profiles indicate that they are indifferent about the race or ethnicity of a potential romantic interest.

The researchers expected to find homophily, a social science term which means love of the same, in their analysis but they were surprised that the internet did not play a role in eroding reluctance to date outside ones own race.

Interracial dating is a common term that is used to describe dating that is usually between two people of different ethnic groups and race.

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