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Pour le service en Français fourni par les professionnels de la santé non réglementés, s’il vous plaît contactez Oasis des Femmes a (416) 591-6565 ou veuillez rejoindre la ligne de soutien pour les femmes à 1 8.

Les services en français sont offerts à Hope 24/7 à l’aide d’un interprète.

Join us and break out of the cycle of loneliness and isolation this disorder can bring.

Come to the chat room and smile a little, it won't hurt.

The forum itself is fully-featured and includes facilities for private messaging, reply notifications and many other features.

We also allow the upload of images and video subject to our posting guidelines.

Depression can be devastating effecting your life, your job and the lives of others around you.

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DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY We do not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility whatsoever in respect of anything at all available in, on or from this website or linked to it.We are extremely excited for this journey, and excited to move forward to become a fully accredited agency.We will continue to put our best efforts forward in putting an end to sexual violence.– This reads ‘For services in French provided by non-regulated health professionals, please contact Oasis des Femmes at (number) or contact their crisis line (number).This is an area for members to post their own artistic creations - including poetry, photography, paintingc, drawings, etc.