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A new survey shows that east Germans are more likely to video themselves having sex than their western neighbours.

In remarks reminiscent of the famous quality-over-quantity take on male endowment, the WHO's Gunta Lazdane commented, "It's not the age that counts, it's when young people are ready for it." And German girls are apparently ready earlier than their male peers.

Baden-Württemberg proved to be particularly prudish. Every single respondent there denied recording their most intimate moments.

Bavarians were only slightly more risqué; 1 percent of respondents in the conservative, largely Catholic southern state admitted to having filmed themselves in bed.

Elmar Brähler, Professor for medicinal psychology at Leipzig University, told The Local that the difference lies in cultural attitudes to sex in the days of the GDR.

“In the GDR 80 percent of the population were non-religious,” said Brähler.